A. Drygas, Poznan

A. Drygas (1898-1939, production of instruments: approx. 1917 (1922?) - Approx. 1935) - piano factory in Poznan ; a family business owned by Anthony Drygas (21.V.1847-13.V.1917) and his son, Jerome Casimir Drygas (30.IX.1891-16.X.1968).

Founded by Anthony Drygas in 1898, the pianos and harmonium, accompanied later (c. 1908) repair shop, after the death of the founder (1917, or even, as deemed Rottermund, 1922) was transformed by the son of a piano factory, still operating under the name "Anthony Drygas" and "Greater Piano Factory" or "Greater steam piano factory" (pianos of this company are unknown and rather never existed).

In connection with the crisis years of 1929-1935, first reduced production of pianos, and approx. 1935 ceased altogether. Still, manufactured pianos were very good quality (including many award-winning exhibitions), and to this day are often found on the secondary market.

Kazimierz Drygas (1891-1968), son of the founder Anthony Drygas, was a student and an employee of several German piano factories, including Eduard Seiler in Legnica . He was born in Fulda, where his father was exiled for teaching in Poznan in Polish (Antoni Drygas Dr. classical philology, he was a teacher in high school). After returning to Poznan became a partner in his father's (repair workshop ran from approx. 1912), and after his death (1917 or 1922) developed the business by opening a factory. He participated in the Greater Poland Uprising (got a medal). After 1935 was limited to trade and repair pianos, during the war, worked in the resistance (got a medal), and factory buildings completely burned in 1945. After the war he continued his repair workshop, already at a different address; was also the representative of the government directing the remaining property of the factory Ed. Seiler in Legnica.

As to the question of the start of production: knowing how to look socio-political situation in Poznan during World War I, the Greater Poland Uprising, fights for the Polish town - it is hard to imagine that in such a critical time, when the whole metal went to the needs of the Prussian army ( Poznań authorities headlights and many other instruments can co-bit to say about the expropriation of their pipes at the time ...), whoever started as risky venture, as the production of pianos. Production can take place whenever a higher demand for pianos and the case promised to be profitable. In this respect, 1922 looks much more sensibly than in 1917.

Whole instruments produced by the factory "A. Drygas "is not known. Vogel who informed that since 1922 the production was 6 instruments pianos per month. If we assume that the number for an average over the entire production period, the total number of pianos manufactured instruments oscillate around 1000-1400 (depending on whether the production started in 1917, and, as confident, in 1922.) However, these are only speculations, he certainly created more pianos. Rottermund indicates the existence of a piano number 5871, dating them approx. 1925. However, it is uncertain whether any digit has not been artificially added to the number . Can not be excluded that the piano No. 5871, in fact, is only 871 produced instrument. In this light, the largest known number Drygas piano - 6610 - 1610 could mean piano.

Pianos were signed "A. Drygas, Poznan ". In this way, Kazimierz commemorated the memory of his father.

Participation in exhibitions:

  • 1928, Paris - Grand Prix gold medal
  • 1928, Vilnius - gold medal
  • 1928, Katowice - gold medal
  • 1929, Poznan (Universal National Exhibition) - the great gold medal, Diploma of Merit medal state
  • 1929 ?, Florence - the great gold medal.

Company address in Poznan:

  • (1898, composition) - ul. Knight's 33 (on the corner of St. Martin)
  • (1917) - factory - ul. Kantaka 4 (including the management and composition)
  • (1927) - ul. Kantaka 5
  • (C. 1930) - ul. Półwiejska 22
  • (1934) - factory: ul. Wrzesińska 18; management and composition - ul. Kantaka 5

Branches and warehouses were firm in Warsaw, Gdynia and Bydgoszcz.

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